The Aga Khan Academy, a unit of Aga Khan Education Service, Kenya, is located on Mbuyuni Road in Likoni, Mombasa and is part of an integrated network of schools offering an international standard of education from pre-primary to Senior-secondary levels with a rigorous academic and leadership experience. The Academy develops home-grown intellectual talent of exceptional caliber in the hope that these boys and girls will become future leaders.
One of the distinguishing features of the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa is the provision of high quality professional development programmes for educators focusing on subject content acquisition, general pedagogical skills, interactive learning techniques and student-centered teaching methodologies. These programmes are available both to the Academy’s faculty and also to faculties from government schools with the aim of deepening the pool of well-trained teachers regionally. By doing so it aspires to raise the status of the teachers and thereby create the conditions for more and more talented people to be drawn to the profession.
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The team for the contest is in middle school to Diploma.

Mr. Gioko is the Teacher of the team.
GVC is a Club in my school and many students are interested in participating.

My students are open to discussion they are not inclined to any topic but they look forward to engage learn and come up with a website.