Copyright Friendly

Rule to live by: "HCF"

  • H - Homegrown. In other words, make it or photograph it yourself. If taking photos of a person, be sure to ask if it is OK to publish on the web. Verbal approval is enough.
  • C - Creative Commons. Look for things that only require attribution. Attribution means giving the link of the picture AND the name of the person or their avatar name.
  • F - Fair Use. Absolutely the last choice, because it can be very complicated when you are not just using it for a single class, but republishing to the world!

Copyright Friendly Clip Art and Photos

[Attribution is encouraged even when not required!]:
  • Pics4Learning - A library of images donated by students, teachers, photographers. Permission to use AND citation information right under the picture!
  • WPClipart - All images are public domain. While originally created for Word Processing and printing, they work well as web images.
  • Wikimedia Commons - Many thousands of images. Scroll down under full sized image to see the particular licensing for this particular image. Almost all require attribution; some, but only a few do not allow derivative works (which means you can't edit the picture.) Be sure to look at the lesson called Photos and Images to see how to cite.
  • Ookaboo - Creative commons site for finding great (free) images for class work.
  • Find Icons- Nice site for free icons.

Music and loops

Again, even when not required attribution is encouraged.
  • JewelBeat - Great songs, loops, sound effects to use in projects.
  • FreePlay Music - Music uploads by various artists. Can search by style, feel, or keyword. Free for classroom use only and project must be related to the curriculum. Not for web posting. This is an example of a site that "says" free, but does not mean free for reuse on the web. It is only included here because it is useful for inclass presentations.