DL DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh (Delhi) India

DLDAV Shalimar Bagh

Our School's Mission:

The school delivers holistic education to its children and provides an educational environ which focuses on the development of individual potential, encourages originality in thought and action, gives an insight into living, cultivates reverence for nature and life, promotes internationalism for a culture of peace and stimulates spiritual regeneration.

Our School's vision:

Our vision is to make each individual a knowledge worker & problem solver, who is able to keep pace with global challenges, to nurture innovative minds that would make a difference to the nation & the world through their research & enterprise.


Mrs Vandana Aneja
Grade: 6 - 12
Teacher email: vandanaaneja20@gmail.com

Mrs Shruti A Verma
Grade : 6 - 12
Teacher email : shsm1981@gmail.com

Mrs Vandana Bansal
Grade : 5-12
Teacher email :

Vandana Aneja is teaching Multimedia and Web Technology abd
Computer Science to grade 11 and 12 and IT Club from grade 6 - 11.

Shruti A Verma is teaching Informative Practices to grade 9 and 10 and IT Club from grade 6 - 11

Vandana Bansal is an SST teacher

Love working with students Believe in the quote "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life it's about what you inspire others to do"

Participating in GVC since last 9 years.

Achievements of Secondary school team

Grand Prize : 2011-12 with Menchville High School, USA and Penang Free School,

Merit Award for Exceptional Creativity : 2012-13 with St. Therese School, Missouri, USA and Philippine Science High School, Phillipines

Merit award for exceptional helping focus : 2013-14 with SMJK Poi Lam, Malaysia

Third prize : 2014-15 with Meadowcreek High School, USA and VVDAV India

Merit award for exceptional helping focus : 2015-16 with St. Paul Lutheran School, USA and Wunshan Senior High School, Taiwan

Third Prize :2016-17 with Wunshan Senior High School, Taiwan and
Liberty High School, Missouri, USA

Achievements of Primary school team

Merit award for exceptional helping focus: 2014-15 with Forest Park Middle School, USA

Second Prize : 2015-16 with International Community School of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire and Lakeside Middle School, USA

Third Prize :2016-17 with Tainan Municipal Haidong Elementary School, Taiwan and Mayville Middle School, Wisconsin, USA
Only interested students of different classes work together as a team. We have a resource room with internet facility for students


Would like to work on any topic useful for society.

We will have a one hour class every Thursday for IT Club students. Students of our school are hard working and always keen to learn the new skills. During holidays they will work from home too