Talking together in a group.

This is a spot for teachers to brainstorm tips, techniques, methods by which they have in the past found success integrating the contest into the students' school year. Perhaps even a place to think about something you'd like to try!
Each discussion topic will lead to a new page specific to that topic. Teachers may add topics to this page, send a request for the GVC program manager [] to add a topic, or click on the "Discussion" button at the top of THIS page.

Image: [CC, by Frits Ahlefeldt]

Topic: Parent permissions - mostly elementary/middle school

Topic: Integrating GVC into the curriculum Grades 3-7

Topic: Adapting GVC into upper grades when students change classes during the contest period.

Topic: Making partners "real".

Topic: Getting support from school, especially administrators and IT department.

Topic: Community Support

Topic: Helping Focus - (Start with the blog)