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Web 2.0 / 21st Century Fluency

Cools Tools - GVC Blog of Web 2.0 tools. This site is continually updated with new tools free, or free to education. A few will be featured below.
Literacy is not enough - 21st century fluency project. The fluencies needed by today's learners.

Collaboration Tools

  • Visual Organizer - Collaborative
  • Stixy to share files, pictures, due dates.
  • Padlet a bit of a cross between a bulletin board and a guest book.
  • iEtherPad - real time collaborative word processing

Photo Slide Shows

  • butterfly.jpg
    Find your creative self!
    Slide show made into a movie with Animotio.
    Even better, teachers get Animoto for Education!
  • Kizoa - upload pictures to create, can burn DVD of slideshow or post.
  • Smilebox - upload pictures to create.

Art Tools

Video Uploads

  • Teacher Tube - first to specify it was specifically for schools.
  • School Tube - a place for teachers and student to share video.
  • Vimeo - open to everyone; some serious independent film work; HD video.

Image: [CC, by Frits Ahlefeldt]